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Profit Strategy for Photographers

Pricing Audit

With this pricing audit, I’ll check out your pricing and give recommendations on what you can do to improve your profits! This is great if you’re the DIY type and need guidance with your pricing.

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Pricing Calculator

Are you more the DIY type, but still need some help with your pricing? Check out the Pricing Calculator to determine what you should be charging for your service based business.

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Pricing Overhaul VIP Day

With a pricing overhaul VIP, we’ll rework your pricing based on your goals and you’ll walk away with a new price list. It’s DONE for you! You’ll have a price list that you know will be making you a profit!

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Photography & more


Brand Photography

Looking to level up your online visual presence on your website and social media? With a Signature Brand Shoot we’ll produce 90 days of content for you to use and say goodbye to the struggle of trying to find a stock photo that looks custom.

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Pinterest Management

Are you struggling to get more traffic to your site with your Pinterest boards? Do you need help with a Pinterest strategy? I offer Pinterest account audits, Pinterest setups, and monthly Pinterest management packages. Let’s take your from lost to getting found on Pinterest – an amazing visual search engine!

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Canva Templates

You’re ready to ditch Photoshop templates because let’s face it, Photoshop was not meant for graphic design and it’s super slow. Am I right? Your choice of converting your Photoshop templates to Canva or starting fresh with Canva designed templates for all your marketing collateral.

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Catie has this superpower of taking your income goals and creating pricing that fits your needs.

Marcia G.

I'm totally the type that looks at other photographers websites to see what they are charging. I know this isn't the right way to figure out my pricing. I'm so glad I found Catie. She helped me create pricing for me and my business.

Randi S.

I don't like math and I've always been intimidated by numbers. But I was frustrated that I was booking clients but never felt like I was making money. The Pricing Overhaul changed everything!

Cindy W.

I’m ready when you are!

Your new, profitable pricing is right around the corner.