The Best Benefits of Hiring a Private Photo Editor

Oct 20, 2021 | Editing

You may be wondering what the benefits of hiring a private photo editor are.


One of the first benefits of hiring a private photo editor for your wedding photography business is more time. Think about all the hours you spend editing a wedding. No really, think about how many episodes of Parks & Rec or Friends or Breaking Bad or Gilmore Girls it takes to edit a wedding (because let’s be honest, Netflix is my constant editing companion, too!)

What could you be doing with that time if you could have it back? Would you like to build connections with local vendors or blog more of your weddings? Or, how about having the time to call your clients to go over any last-minute details about their wedding day? You could answer emails sooner, market your business to book to new clients, meet with new clients, and many other things.

Not to mention, the increased family or personal time that we all need!

To put it into perspective, let’s say it takes you about 8 hours to edit an average wedding. Then multiply that by 25 weddings that you have booked for the year. That is 200 hours you spend editing. That’s five full work weeks a year! More than a whole month of TIME! One of the main benefits of a photo editor is more time.

What would you do with 200 extra hours? Let’s free that time up to grow your business. You can take on more weddings without the stress of “How am I going to edit all these weddings?!”


Similarly, another benefit of hiring a private photo editor is more profits. I know, it sounds counterintuitive, but although you’re spending money to pay a private editor, you’ll be making more overall. With less of your own time being spent, your hourly rate increases! That means that you’re instantly more profitable. With extra time comes extra profit.

What can you do with that extra time to make more profit? Here are a few ideas!

  • Book more weddings & portrait sessions 
  • Double your hourly rate because you are using your time more effectively 
  • Offer mentoring sessions, open an online template shop, host workshops
  • Network with local vendors to increase visibility

You already know that “time is money.” When you start thinking about the details of how more time directly translates into increased profit for you and your business, you can see how hiring a private editor pays for itself pretty quickly.


Finally, one of the unexpected benefits of having a photo editor is that you can design a better client experience. Take it to the next level. With more time and more profits, you now have the margin to elevate your clients’ experience with you. Beautiful photographs are a luxury item, not a necessity. Does your current client experience feel like a luxury? Do you send client gifts? Do you send handwritten notes? The experience of working with you should feel like a luxurious one. If you’re not yet, this is the perfect opportunity!

You’re already giving your clients a great experience – I can help you make it extra amazing and unforgettable by dramatically cutting down your turnaround time. Delight your clients with their wedding photos while they are still enjoying their honeymoon!

With your newfound extra time and profits, you can dream up additional ways to create that premium experience – perhaps custom chocolates or a beautiful self-care basket to pamper your clients? You already have valuable referrals. In addition, we can create raving fans for your business so you can exceed your business goals.


How do you know if you’re ready to start outsourcing? While there’s no “right” time to start outsourcing your editing, there are a few things you should have in place before outsourcing your editing.


Do you have a defined editing style? Have you honed in on what signals your signature style? For example, when you sit down to edit a photoshoot or wedding, do you know what you’re going to do? Do you have regular presets you use to start your edit?

If you’re still figuring out your editing style, you may want to wait to outsource your editing.

However, if you’re feeling close to defining your style or looking to refine it, outsourcing may be the best decision you make! A private editor can help you polish your signature style going forward.


Oftentimes, I see photographers hesitate when it comes to outsourcing their editing to a private editor. They don’t know if they can afford it. It’s a common hesitation, especially if you haven’t budgeted for it.

The simplest way to cover outsourcing costs is to build it into your pricing structure. In other words, it’s a cost of doing business, so it’s an expense you can write-off (I’m not a CPA, always consult your CPA). If you’ve been wanting to update your pricing, I highly recommend you consider adding editing costs, that way outsourcing doesn’t eat into your profits!

This about it this way: with all the time that you’ve freed up by outsourcing your editing, you can now spend time networking with vendors, book additional weddings (that you won’t have to edit!), offer workshops or online courses. By spending a little extra, you can multiply your profits many times over!

Want to chat about how we can create more time and profit for you and more luxury for your clients? Let’s do it! Contact me for a free consultation!

3 Benefits of Hiring a Private Editor


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