I’m Catie. I’m a photographer and pricing strategist.

I started Catie Ronquillo Photography over a decade ago and serve small businesses and creative entrepreneurs by helping them create custom branded visual content.

In an effort to help creative entrepreneurs with their stereotypical fear of numbers, I started Confetti Bookkeeping to help explain bookkeping without all the accounting speak. Confetti Bookkeeping serves photographers, creatives, and online entrepreneurs with monthly bookkeeping services.

Finally, Catie Wood Creative was launched to house my pricing strategy work as well as other projects for creative entrepreneurs and photographers. If you need help pricing your services based on your income needs and goals, I can help.



Catie Ronquillo Photography offers personal branding photography for busy CEOs and online entrepreneurs looking to elevate their visual brand.

Specializing in a stress-free, time-maximizing photoshoot for your business, so you can finally have a library of branded photos you’re proud to share. 



Catie Wood Creative offers a variety of services for photographers and creative entrepreneurs depending on your needs.


  • Pricing Audit and Strategy
  • Pricing Overhaul VIP Days
  • DIY pricing calculator
  • Canva templates for photographers
  • Photoshop to Canva template
  • Showit website template customizations


Confetti bookkeeping

Confetti Bookkeeping offers monthly bookkeeping services, DIY tools, and clean up projects for busy entrepreneurs and small businesses.

When you’re ready to level up your business and give yourself a promotion (aka no longer getting lost in bookkeeping) reach out to Confetti Bookkeeping so you can cue the confetti because all your business finances are in order.

“Because when it comes to your business, burnout is not a badge of courage. And when it comes to your money, ignorance is not bliss.”

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